We're Nick & Char

Conjured was founded with the belief that we could build freedom in our lives through software.

After spending decades investing in and building growth-focused startups, we decided to build a more sustainable type of "lifestyle" business. One that acknowledges that all of us working to build something bigger than ourselves should be treated with respect, rather than as a cog in a machine. One that values creative problem-solving, empathy, and tenacity. One that is incredibly customer-focused.

Our founding team met during our time at Techstars and Foundry Group in Boulder, Colorado. We've built and invested in over 100 companies, and have spent the better part of the last decade working with Shopify brands. We always bring an entrepreneurial eye to every project and make sure that our clients are allocating their precious time and resources where they can have the most impact on their business. We’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past so you don’t have to.

We're humbled and amazed every day that our small Shopify consultancy, founded to help us realize our dreams, has evolved into a fast-growing business, now helping hundreds of talented people achieve their goals in business and in life.

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