We don't have any open positions right now, but if you want to get on our radar for a future position, feel free to shoot us an email at jobs@conjured.co telling us who you are and why you think you'd be a good fit!

Full Stack Engineer [ FILLED ]

Conjured is looking for a full-stack engineer to join our team part-time or on a monthly retainer basis. Please send your resume and a cover letter detailing why you would be a good fit for the position to jobs@conjured.co.

  • Expert in PHP. Knowledge of the Laravel framework a plus
  • Experience with PostgreSQL
  • Familiarity with React
  • Ability to work with HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Familiarity with basic Unix-based server management. Familiarity with Ubuntu a plus
  • Familiarity with Shopify and its Liquid templating language a plus
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Self-motivated (remote work experience a plus)

We’re a small and nimble team, which means that everyone wears many hats and your responsibilities may change from week to week. With that said, here are a few things you may be asked to do:

  • Build new features for Conjured’s apps
  • Troubleshoot bugs for Conjured’s apps
  • Help manage Conjured’s servers and database architecture
  • Integrating Conjured’s apps into client sites
  • Building custom themes for clients
  • Interface with clients on customer support when additional technical support is required
Compensation & Additional Details
  • Hourly rates will be based on experience level
  • Compensation includes a profit share
  • Flexible schedule
  • Remote position (North/South American timezones are preferred)
  • Opportunity to grow into a full-time position if there is a mutual fit/desire
About Us

Conjured was founded with the belief that we could build freedom in our lives through software.

After spending decades investing in and building growth-focused startups, we decided to build a more sustainable type of "lifestyle" business. One that acknowledges that all of us working to build something bigger than ourselves should be treated with respect, rather than as a cog in a machine. One that values creative problem-solving, empathy, and tenacity. One that is incredibly customer-focused.

Conjured’s niche is building bespoke Shopify apps for high quality eCommerce brands.